Chinese proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

In my work, the above saying is not accurate.

It is more accurate in this manner.

Give a man a fish and you start feeding him forever. Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime.”


Year 2018 resolution

Today is 31 st December, end of 2017. Last few years were without new year resolution because with kids, parents’ time were essentially kids’. So, getting back to new year resolution. I will have at least few this 2018.


  • I will start jogging, and participate at least in two 10 km run.
  • I will shed my weight from > 70 kg to 65 kg.
  • I will learn a new language, hopefully c++


  • Biz start-up for the family, with annual turnover of >sgd 50,000
  • Improve skills, get an additional degree / certificate
  • Improve on other skills, e.g. stats, people networking, and biz devo
  • Get noticed


    • Children educational and fun exposure improvement
    • Get together and networking with family and friends
    • Improve family health
    • Participate in family activities, with lots of sharing events and pics with family and friends
    • visit our parents more often and allow kids to get to know them better


    • Got BSc, MSc and a PhD – how about an MBA? Else, invest the money on the children instead.
    • Learn new skills, e.g. martial arts.
    • Contribute to the nation by participating in pro bono tuition for kids.
    • Write more often of useful entries to educate myself and hopefully the material will be of use to others too.

    Getting half of the aims above will be good. Most important is health, family and career.

    Challenging questions from job interviews

    Here are the list I got from somewhere (can’t remember where).

    • How do you resolve interpersonal disputes?
    • How do you break difficult news? – problem, process/outcome, and remedies (if any)
    • Good and bad things about you by colleagues?
    • Why should we hire you? -competent, honest, savvy (solve or escalate problems), generous, teach what i know.
    • How do you manage pressure? – conducive environment, happy place, home / recharge place, vacation
    • Are you good for this position?
    • Why should i hire an overqualified / underqualified person?
    • What can you bring to this company?

    Selected university ranking in Singapore & Malaysia

    The list is just selected few of the universities in the region, namely Singapore and Malaysia. The reason is because I wanted to enroll in a post-grad course and I wanted to compare the ranking plus education cost before making a decision. Note that Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore is above the list.

    university world rank (webometrics) country
    natl university of singapore (nus) 53 singapore
    universiti teknologi malaysia 587 malaysia
    universiti sains malaysia (usm) 637 malaysia
    universiti putra malaysia (upm) 681 malaysia
    universiti kebangsaan malaysia 767 malaysia
    singapore management university (smu) 902 singapore
    universiti tenaga nasional (uniten) 1400 malaysia
    intl islamic university of malaysia 1422 malaysia
    universiti malaysia perlis 1566 malaysia
    universiti utara malaysia 1665 malaysia
    universiti tun hussein onn malaysia 1740 malaysia
    university of nottingham malaysia 1901 malaysia
    universiti malaysia pahang 1903 malaysia
    universiti malaysia sabah 1996 malaysia
    universiti malaysia sarawak 2190 malaysia
    singapore mit alliance for research & technology 2524 singapore
    singapore polytechnic (sp) 3109 singapore
    open university malaysia (oum) 3777 malaysia
    singapore institute of management 4412 singapore
    duke-nus graduate medical school singapore 4844 singapore
    james cook university singapore 5313 singapore
    management development institute of singapore 6669 singapore
    kaplan singapore 7189 singapore
    psb academy singapore 11336 singapore
    curtin university singapore 12955 singapore
    singapore institute of technology singapore

    Tap in the forehead gesture

    It is my way to say “love/miss you”. 

    Probably I don’t express myself well in this aspect, I would either kiss (my children) or gently tap (with two fingers, e.g. index and middle; for friends) on the forehead.

    Today,  I missed many good people. Sobs. Wish them all the best. 

    Of all the billions of people, we managed to share our lives together. A friend said, it is “fate”.