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word of wisdom

Ilmu bagaikan padi, semakin berisi semakin tunduk

This is translated to as, “wisdom is akin to paddy plant, the more the substance the humbler (“bent posture”) you are”.

That is a Malay proverb that I hold on to daily.


Lost of slowmo members during excursion

During excursion, with heavy baggage and slow walkers, how to make sure no one is left behind?

  • First, delegate the task of handling heavy cargo to abled members.
  • Then, allow the slowmo walkers to take the lead instead.
  • If the slowmo is unfamiliar with the direction, then assign someone who knows the way to be in charge (navigating and taking care of slowmo).
  • When any members are lost, make use of phone to call them. Hence, make sure each members are given phone.
  • If all is unavailed, meet at starting point.