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word of wisdom

Challenging questions from job interviews

Here are the list I got from somewhere (can’t remember where).

  • How do you resolve interpersonal disputes?
  • How do you break difficult news? – problem, process/outcome, and remedies (if any)
  • Good and bad things about you by colleagues?
  • Why should we hire you? -competent, honest, savvy (solve or escalate problems), generous, teach what i know.
  • How do you manage pressure? – conducive environment, happy place, home / recharge place, vacation
  • Are you good for this position?
  • Why should i hire an overqualified / underqualified person?
  • What can you bring to this company?

Lost of slowmo members during excursion

During excursion, with heavy baggage and slow walkers, how to make sure no one is left behind?

  • First, delegate the task of handling heavy cargo to abled members.
  • Then, allow the slowmo walkers to take the lead instead.
  • If the slowmo is unfamiliar with the direction, then assign someone who knows the way to be in charge (navigating and taking care of slowmo).
  • When any members are lost, make use of phone to call them. Hence, make sure each members are given phone.
  • If all is unavailed, meet at starting point.